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Position: Mandarin Chinese 1/2 and DLI Mandarin Social Science
Room: M8
Phone: 480-883-5593
Email: Zhang

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Welcome to the Mandarin Chinese (pǔ tōng huà) class at the Bogle Junior High. I look forward to working with your students to help them find their way in learning the Chinese language and culture.

My Education and Professional Background

I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from ECNU in Shanghai, China and a Master degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toledo, OH. I came into education in 2014 and had taught Eurythmy, Computer Science and Math in China and Northern California. I moved to Chandler in 2020 and started teaching Mandarin at Bogle at the same time.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that the students learn through interest and fun. I also believe that the language acquisition requires experiment, repetition, and persistence. My goal to is create a friendly and fun classroom for the learning to happen for all students.

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