• Girls Flag Football

    Coach Name

    Heather Johnson and Stacey Etherington

    The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport of Girls Flag Football by advocating for and organizing games with other high schools in the spring. As a club we will work to advocate for the inclusion of Girls Flag Football as an AIA sanctioned spring sport by petitioning the AIA for emerging sport status.


    ALL girls choosing to play Flag Football will need to turn in a copy of their paperwork to the ACTIVITIES OFFICE (vice principal or secretary.) along with a $60 ECA fee.  If they are on Register My Athlete for another school sport, they will need to print out their submitted forms and turn in a copy.  If they can't do this at home and you don't have a printer in your classroom, see if they can get help from the Activities Secretary on your campus.  


    Here is a link to all of the forms they will need to have submitted by February 14th.



    Athletic Department / AIA Physical Forms

    Form 15.7-A Annual Preparticipation Physical EVALUATION . Must be submitted to the school student is attending. (To be filled out by the parent or guardian and student athlete)




    Flag Football