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Position: Kindergarten
Room: A1
Phone: 480-224-3531
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Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Shauna Ellis and I’m so excited to join the Haley Tiger staff this year. I’ve been a Haley Tiger parent for the last two years. I am honored to work in this amazing community at Haley Elementary School.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated ASU in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. This will be my 10th year teaching, and I am excited to teach Kindergarten. I very much enjoy 5 and 6 year olds, and can’t wait to spend my days with them!

My Educational Philosophy

I believe students learn best with structure and consistency. Students excel when they’re in an environment that’s safe to take risks. Together, we will create a warm and welcoming classroom environment filled with positivity, kindness, and happiness. I believe that the ultimate goal as a teacher is to motivate students to become lifelong learners. I will help them gain confidence in their abilities to learn new skills. This quest for knowledge will help them succeed in the real world. Our classroom will be filled with proactive, hands on experiences that will help each child be successful. Students are the future and my goal is to have them leave my classroom feeling knowledgeable, loved, special, and excited to continue their education.

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