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  • About Erika Andrus...

    Position: Resource Teacher

    Team/Department: Special Education

    Room: 50

    Phone: 4808126470

    Email: Erika Andrus

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    My name is Erika Andrus, I am the new Special Education Resource Teacher at Frye Elementary and I am excited to be working with these students!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2020 with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary and Special Education. I student taught at Conley Elementary and Haley Elementary, both in the Chandler District. I also worked for one full year as a teaching assistant at Keystone Montessori School in Ahwatuhkee. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe that the best classrooms start with the teacher, but thrive through the students. As a teacher, I dedicate my time and effort to help my students grow and accomplish all goals. I provide equitable opportunities in the classroom, with awareness and patience for those who may need it. Throughout my student teaching and college course experiences, I have discovered many ways to involve students’ ideas, interests, and opinions into each lesson, as well as create a welcoming, understanding classroom environment. For example, my Classroom Management course taught what steps to take when handling disruptive students and showed how compassion and kind words are often the most effective. My students feel comfortable coming to me with personal needs and are responsive to feedback. For example, a group of students I worked with throughout 2020 would hold weekly meetings with me to discuss their life concerns, and I would be both a counselor and a shoulder to lean on. This aligns directly with Principle 3: Responsibility to the Profession, which states to “resolve conflicts in an ethical manner” (GCU, 2021). I strive to build a foundation of trust and kindness for every student to stand on, as I believe it is the baseline for their personal development and growth.
    No human is perfect- I too falter and make mistakes. To continually grow and develop, I will collaborate with my school community. Furthermore, I will communicate with parents any concerns, as well as discuss each student’s culture, personal belief systems, and values within their household. This will strengthen my ability to respect and understand the diversity within my classroom. As a final step, I will seek feedback from my mentors, knowing that “by reflecting on contextual, performance, formative and summative assessment data, teachers can gauge student learning and direct and revise instructional focus” (GCU, 2021).

    The Choice is Yours! Why Choose Frye Elementary?

    Frye Elementary provides a foundational background and committed community for the students. This school goes above and beyond to show their love and care for the students' well-being and success. I am proud to be a part of this team and look forwards to working with these students.