• About Ms. Erica Hopson...

    Position: Kindergarten Autism Teacher

    Room: 6

    Phone: 4808126036

    Email: Ms. Erica Hopson

    Ms. Erica Hopson

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    Hello, my name is Erica Hopson. I teach kindergarten Autism in a Specialized Education Classroom. I am originally from Kansas City Missouri, born and raised. But I’ve traveled and lived in several different states. I most recently moved to Arizona in the summer of 2021 with my son. I’ve worked in the field of Education for 15 years, primarily for children with autism, and teaching for 5 years. Working in the field of Special Education I feel is my calling, and I absolutely love it!

    My Education and Professional Background

    In addition to teaching, I have a wide range of interests! I received an AA Degree in Graphic Design from Platt College, my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, including studies in Early Childhood Education, from the University of Missouri. An MBA from Georgia State University, and a Master’s in Education in Special Education from Drury University.  

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe in cultivating and creating supportive relationships with parents which creates a strong team of advocates for their child. Because there are no two students who are the same; knowing the strengths and weaknesses from those who know them best creates a foundation of bringing out the best attributes for each student. I find this is the best way to serve the student as well as creating a structured, calming, loving, and supportive environment in which to learn. And in time with consistency, they will thrive and flourish in the best way that works for them individually.

    The Choice is Yours! Why Choose Andersen Elementary?

    Andersen Elementary offers a specialized program for students with autism with staff that are dedicated to supporting and empowering students with autism.