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Position: K-6 Resource
Room: M3
Phone: 480-812-6963
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My name is Wayne Pfleiger and I am one of the Special Education Resource teachers at CTA Goodman. I enjoy working with children of all ages and continue to look forward to teaching the students here at Goodman.

My Education and Professional Background

Originally from Philadelphia, I graduated from Tempe University in education with an emphasis in reading. I received my master's degree from Northern Arizona University and my post graduate work has been through the University of Phoenix. My wife and I have lived in Arizona since 1981. We spent the first six years in Tuba City on the Navajo Indian reservation where I taught elementary school and implemented the first computer lab for K-3 students. Our move to Phoenix was made in `87 when I began working as a trainer or an Educational Computer Company. Due to the young ages of my children, I returned to education in the Phoenix Elementary School District. Following that, I spent 5 years as an Athletic Director for a division 2A sc

My Educational Philosophy

Education must be a priority in every household. The goal is not just to get the work done but to get it right. That might mean doing the work over again and learning from the mistakes we make.

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