• Mathematics Curriculum
    Our mathematics includes the mastery and practical application of basic mathematical principles. Students shall understand that mathematical problems have absolute answers and that precision and accuracy are required. The use of calculators to complete classwork or homework shall occur only when directed by the teacher.

    The mathematics basic facts program shall be taught to the mastery level using drill, repetition, and memorization to achieve appropriate accuracy and speed. Grade level year-end goals/expectations are as follows: 8

    Grade 1 (+,-) 30 problems in 1 ½ min. Grade 2 (+,-,×) 100 problems in 4 min.

    Grade 3 (+,-,×,÷) 100 problems in 3 ½ min. Grade 4 (+,-,×,÷) 100 problems in 3 min.

    Grade 5 (+,-,×,÷) 100 problems in 2 ½ min. Grade 6 (+,-,×,÷) 100 problems in 2 min.

    The Saxon math textbook-based program, along with hands on activities and practice with manipulatives, shall be utilized at all grade levels. The math program shall be accelerated one year at all grade levels.
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Last Modified on August 2, 2012