• Thinking Like a Citizen of the Earth
    boy pointing at map in sky

    Science and Thinking Skills Include:

    •  Evaluating – What is our relationship with nature?
    •  Analyzing – What happens when humanity and nature collide?
    •  Problem Solving – How can we live in harmony with nature?
    •  Synthesizing – What’s next…what do we want to know, what do we want to do?

     The class is appropriate for K-12 teachers. Preference will be given to teachers who teach gifted students to suffice 30 hours toward endorsement requirement.


    Wednesdays 5-9pm

    Aug 18, Aug 25, Sept 1, Sept 8, Sept 15, and Sept 22

    Saturday 8-2pm

    September 25
    Attendance is mandatory. CUSD guidelines for missed classes will be followed. Please see the instructor regarding individual circumstances.

    Thinking Like a Citizen of the Earth 

    A Depth, Complexity, and Inquiry Model for Teachers of Gifted Students (30 hours)

    Instructor: Diane Hale


    This course asks: What makes Earth unique among planets? How are life forms, namely human beings, sustained by the Earth’s overall ecosystem, and, what effects do humans have on its natural systems? What does Earth’s future look like? Given current trends, what can be predicted and what might be expected if we consciously change our behaviors based on their effect on our planet?

    Using What on Earth? An Ecology Reader and the Habitable Planet as a springboard for inquiry and discussion, participants will engage in literary discussion, hands on experiments, and research investigations.



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