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Subject / Grade 1st
Room: 11
Phone: (480)812-6241
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"A child's mind isn't a blank slate; it's more of a jungle. Each time a parent helps a toddler read, the child is walking through this jungle from one side to the other. Trip after trip, seemingly impossible passage becomes a well-worn path. Children sent to school skipping merrily along this path to literacy fare far better than those sent to school with machetes."
-- Keith Mastrion 1998 Teacher of the Year

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Welcome to an exciting new year. Our classroom structure in based upon community and responsibility. It will be an amazing adventure.

My Education and Professional Background

My teaching career started in 1991 with a central Phoenix first grade class. I am one of the original teachers that opened Conley Elementary in 1996 and believe that working with young children is an exciting adventure that changes daily and is truly rewarding. Bachelor of Science Early Education, Grand Canyon University; Masters in Early Education, Northern Arizona University; CLIP Trained (Collaborative Literacy Intervention)

My Educational Philosophy

To provide each child with the opportunity to learn, think, and be self reliant.

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