• Physical Education - Ms. Hammel
    Sport Balls
    Welcome to another exciting year of Physical Education at Conley!  Each lesson is carefully planned so that each child experiences success.  As skill levels improve so does their self-esteem.  Our goal is to develop positive attitudes toward physical activity for a lifetime of enjoyment!  During the school year we will:
    * Develop cardiovascular respiratory health through vigorous activities
    * Develop strong muscles that have endurance to delay fatigue
    * Contribute to overall physical and emotional health, including weight regulation, mental alertness, and enthusiasm for learning.
    * Promote and help improve feelings of self-esteem through interpersonal relationships, responsible behavior, cooperation, and teamwork.
    Each student is expected to be dressed for success on their P.E. Days-athletic shoes tied snug (no slip-ons allowed). Also, no dresses without shorts please! Students will not be permitted to participate in PE without proper attire. (This is for their safety and the safety of others.)


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