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Position: 3rd Grade
Room: B2
Phone: (480) 224-3562
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Welcome to Ms. Malley's 3rd Grade Classroom Website! This site will offer you some handy information about your child's classroom, schedule, homework, activities, website suggestions, and some other interesting facts and ideas.

My Education and Professional Background

Education: M.S. Reading and Language Arts, B.S. Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Education Endorsement, A.M.S. Montessori Teacher Training for 6 - 9 year olds, SEI Endorsement

Professional Background: I have been teaching for several decades (even though I can't possibly be that old!). I have taught preschool through 6th grade in America and Japan. My teaching experience encompasses everything from Montessori for elementary-age children, public inner-city schools, suburban schools, and wealthy private schools. Within these schools, I have taught general education, Title I, and gifted classes.

My Educational Philosophy

I love learning and teaching and want to share these passions with my students! My goal is to create a safe and caring learning environment where all of my students feel inspired, challenged, happy, important, and excited to come to work each day. I want my students to love learning, to be curious about their world, and take joy in being kind to everyone. I want them to be willing to ask questions and share their ideas, to know that mistakes are a normal part of the learning process, and to be excited about stretching their knowledge and potential. We are here to help each other reach higher and higher in our quest for knowledge and our desire to be the best we can possibly be, so we can do our part to make the world a better place.

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