• I love to teach. In a world that continually changes, I enjoy finding new ways to reach my students. Born in Mesa, Arizona, I've lived in Chandler for a large portion of my life. I have 4 children; Gage is 18 and has graduated from Hamilton High, Drey is 15 and attends Queen Creek High, Avery is 12 and also attends Newell Barney Jr. High, and Adelle is 8 and attends Queen Creek Elementary. Teaching envelopes our lives no matter who we are or what we do. We are constantly teaching others. I love it. My classroom is a comfortable place to be. I encourage open discussions and attempt to enhance the topic by speaking in the target language, Spanish. If there is laughter, there is learning. As we open our minds to new topics, we make connections as we learn with emotion. We all learn differently. However, it is my opinion that when we learn, we feel emotion and make connections within our brain. It is through this emotion that we retain the knowledge that we've learned. I aim to bring emotion and excitment to the classroom as we learn Spanish. I have taught levels 1-3 and enjoy each level as I learn from my students. At the same time, I try to offer my knowledge of Spanish differently each year. I plan to be at Hamilton for years to come. As a hobby, each year I travel to Europe with students and create new learning experiences as we eat, dance and live for a week or so as a European. I often travel with my family to these locations and recommend it to anyone. I am privileged to be a teacher.