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     “Science is built of facts the way a home is built of bricks;

    but an accumulation of facts is no more Science

    than a pile of bricks is a house.”

    -Henri Poincare

    Kimberly Hatch
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    Contact Info:
    Phone:  480-883-5139
    Education:                                                Classes Taught
                                                                               at HHS:
    BS:  Molecular Biology,  BYU, Provo, UT                                                      AP Biology 
    MEd: Educational Technology, GCU, Tempe, Arizona                         Honors Biology
    Arizona Secondary: Biology, ASU, Tempe, AZ                                        Core Chemistry
    Clubs:                                                                                       Experience:
    National Honor Society Advisor:  2006 - 2013                       Research Assistant, ASU:  6 years 
    Four Magazine Club Sponsor:  2012-2013                             Publications:  2
    Science Olympiad Co-sponsor:  2012-2013                          Teaching at Hamilton:  14 years
    Habitat for Humanity Co-sponsor:  Current 
    Emblem Hospice Sponsor:  Current 

    U too can do AP Biology!


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