Model UN
Hamilton Huskies
Sponsor(s) / Coach(es): Sherrie Hendricks  Jennifer Pollnow     
Phone: 480-883-5095

Student leaders: Maria Gonzalez and Rachel Kan Co-Presidents
Meet times, days: 2:20 -3:15 p.m., Mondays
Location: C208

About Model UN...
Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations. This club is for the student interested in discussing world issues in a fun and competitive manner – however, the focus of MUN is cooperation, diplomacy, negotiation, and compromise. Students are asked to represent nations in the UN and to interpret a given problem as though they are diplomats from that country. It is an opportunity for students to put themselves in the “shoes” of someone from another country and become an advocate for the position of people from that country based on the research that the student will do.

Due to our competitions, teams are set by the end of August, so students need to join by then.


    Hamilton Model United Nations

     We are gearing up for a great year.  Our first meeting is Monday, August 7 in room C208.  We will introduce the club and how it operates along with how to be involved.


    The Model United Nations club is one of the top academic clubs here at Hamilton.  We focus on world and current events in academic competitions against other high schools.  In Model UN, each student is assigned a country to research and then is given several problems in which to present solutions.  Students are scored on their ability to be a delegate and how they represent their country as well as on the papers they write and present.
    Our first competition will be at Westwood High School on Saturday, October 28, 2023 for ALL of our novice/beginning members. It is the best opportunity to practice the skills you will learn in our club meeting times. Last year we took home 6 out of 8 awards.  Our club will pay the fee for all novices attending.
    We may also be participating in the SunMUN at ASU in November .  They are equipping the delegates of the conference with training workshops, feedback sessions, unique committees, and more.  Sign-ups will start right at the beginning of school and there is a $50 delegate fee for attending/competing.
    Our main conference is held at Mesa Community College in early spring. Next year's conference dates are February 16 and 17, 2024.   This is our only mandatory conference and is the one we spend time prepping during club meetings.  Delegate fee for this is also $50. 
    We are also planning on attending an out-of-state conference to UCLA in November that you can choose to pay for and attend.  You should plan on getting friends/family to help by utilizing tax credit to help anyone who wants to compete, and there will be extra cost for traveling.
    This past school year on February 2023 at the Mesa Community College (MCC) Sonoran Desert Conference,  we took home 22 distinguished delegate awards as well as several awards for policy papers, top diplomat and top delegate awards. A great performance by all students and student "chairs" of the committees.    We took home three of the best country awards:  Egypt, Columbia and THE Top Country award went to the United Kingdom!!!
    If you would like to know more about the club, please contact  Mrs Hendricks in room C208 or emaiil her at  


    Our first meeting of the 23-24 school year is Monday, August 7.  We start our meetings in Mrs. Hendricks' room, C208, every Monday at 2:20 for the General Meeting.   Next, you will go to your committee meeting (held in various classrooms) where you will learn speaking, writing, and diplomacy skills and are given the opportunity to learn and practice becoming a strong delegate.  We meet from 2:20 through 3:10 from August through February. Come join us!  Your leaders will explain everything and be sure you are prepared AND have fun.  Deadline to pay is August 31.  Cost is $60 and includes registration for the MCC conference and the $10 club fee.  Pay online and bring us a copy of your receipt and completed club permission slip. Additional cost for ASU and our out of state trip.

    Maria Gonzalez and Rachel Kan
    Mrs. Hendricks
    Mrs. Pollnow-
    Model UN research workshop  Check this out for hints on research for position papers.
    2023-2024 TOPICS

    General Assembly

    Rights of Peoples to Self-Determination


    Second Committee

    Information and Communications Technologies for Global Health and Development

    Ensuring Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All


    Third Committee

    Ensuring the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

    Human Rights and Unilateral Coercive Measures (sanctions)


    World Health Assembly

    Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Misinformation

    Antimicrobial Resistance


    International Atomic Energy Agency

    Ensuring Safety and Quality in Radiation Medicine

    Nuclear Non-proliferatiuon, Disarmament, and Sustainable Disposal


    Commission on Science and Technology for Development

    Promoting Global Health through Technology Transfer

    The Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Ensuring Food Security


    Security Council

                Issues to be selected by delegates


    International Court of Justice


    C 24


    World Press



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