Hamilton Model United Nations

    The Model United Nations club is one of the top academic clubs here at Hamilton.  We focus on world and current events in academic competitions against other high schools.  In Model UN, each student is assigned a country to research and then is given several problems in which to present solutions.  Students are scored on their ability to be a delegate and how they represent their country, as well as on the papers they write and present.
    Our first competition will be at Westwood High School  in October for our novice members.  Last year we took home 6 out of 8 awards.  In 2018 we took home many awards for best paper, best delegate, and best diplomat, we also won the best country award.  In February 2019, we attended our third conference sponsored by Mesa Community College.  We took home 29 distinguished delegate awards as well as multiple awards for policy papers, top diplomat and top delegate awards.  Our country of France took home the top country award.  A fantastic performance by all 64 students.  This year's Mesa MUN conference will be February 2020.
    If you would like to know more about the club, please contact  Mrs Hendricks  in room N 116 or emaiil her at hendricks.sherrie@cusd80.com.  
    We meet in Mrs. Hendricks' room, N 116 every Monday  starting at 2:20 through 3:10 from August through February. Come join us!  Your leaders will explain everything and be sure you are prepared AND have fun.  Deadline to pay and join is August 19.  Cost is $60 and includes registration for the MCC conference and the $10 club fee.  Pay in the bookstore and bring your receipt and club permission slip. 

    Stormy Light, Xavier Valdez, Brendan Manning, Chloe Leff, Christine Lee, Max Bregman, Morgan Fowler, Nivea Krishnan, Ria Manathkar
    Mrs. Hendricks, Mrs. Nall
    Model UN research workshop  Check this out for hints on research for position papers.

Last Modified on August 12, 2019