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Position: AP and Honors World History: Modern
Room: A17
Phone: (480) 424-8147
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Welcome Colts! I am so excited to be at Casteel High School this year! Throughout the year, we will be participating in a variety of activities designed to engage, challenge, and stimulate your interest in learning history. I hope that whatever past challenges you have encountered in History class will not hinder you from having a positive experience in this class. I look forward to being your teacher and all the discoveries that we will uncover together! #coltstrong

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My Educational Philosophy

I adhere to the belief that all students should experience a wide range of learning experiences with the goal of becoming a life-long learner. There should be a balance of cooperative and individual/competitive learning experiences, academic and social/service-minded education, relevant and memorable curriculum, and encouragement from teachers and staff to become critical and creative thinkers. Our students today will participate in a world that we can only imagine. We live in an ever-changing information-based and high-technology economy. To compete in this rapidly changing world, we must construct learning environments capable of turning out students with problem-solving, communication and social skills.

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