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    Welcome to Navarrete music, band and drama club! We are very excited for another fun year!  As the year progresses, you will find links to different grade level projects, links to music websites, band & drama/choir information, calendars, and other programs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
    Mrs. Dobbins:  5th & 6th grade music (she also teaches music at Carlson & Tarwater Elementary schools).
    Mrs. Niederer:  Navarrete Kindergarten through 4th grade music, 5th & 6th grade bands, and 4th-6th Drama Club.
    Miss Fraser:  Music, band, orchestra, and general music student teacher (from NAU).
    Kindergarten Music:
    For first quarter, Kindergarten classes will be singing a welcome song, songs about the farm, and adding sounds to a book named about a boy, Mortimer. Kindergartener will also learn the song and game to, "Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone?"  Students will be introduced to moving to the sounds they hear with a friendly snake ("Snakey-Snake").  You can view our "Snakey-Snake" and join along at home by searching for: Listen and Move by Greg and Steve.
    1st grade through 4th grade Music:
    During the first quarter, students will be sharing their names and likes through song and movement with songs such as, "Hey, Hello and How Are You?" and "Sha-Sha-Boom."  Movement occurs nearly every music class time with partner movements, body percussion (stopping, clapping, etc.), and folk songs and dancing.  During the folk music lessons, students will learn dances in many sets: longways, large circle, concentric circles, and squares.  Students learn to interact respecfully with each other to keep a steady beat while following calls and many movements such as honoring the partner, swing, sashay, right and left hand turns, do-si-do, allemande, promenade, back-to-back, split around the square, and a few other movements based on the type of dance.
    5th grade Level I Band:
    Students will learn to assemble, sit and hold the instrument with good posture, produce a pleasant sound, read music, and clean out the instrument.  All of the new skills also take much hand-eye coordination, patience, and tons of responsibility.  First quarter is all about learning to manage all of these new responsibilities, including remembering which days to bring the instrument, cleaning kit and books; other days just tennis shoes for PE!
    6th grade Level II Band:
    Students will complete a review of the Level I curriculum and then will advance to the second half of the Standard of Excellence method book.  Level II band students will be working to increase their range of pitch (notes), technique, tone, intonation (tuning), and musicality.
    Extra Curricular: Drama Club (1st quarter - 4th grade students only; 2nd quarter - 5th & 6th grade students only):
    4th grade Drama Club begins Tuesday, August 13th and runs every Tuesday through the end of December.  5th & 6th grade Drama Club will begin January 7th through April 28th.  See the tab to the left to discover this amazing club!
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