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Position: Kindergarten
Room: A1
Phone: (480)224-3631
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Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. I was raised in a teaching family in my native state of Washington. In 1987 I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. I was a professional flutist for several years while I began raising a family. Since that time, I have mothered four permanent and sixteen foster children.

My Education and Professional Background

Throughout the years I spent countless hours in schools as a volunteer, aide, and substitute teacher before I became a teacher in 2009. I worked with the emotionally disabled children for several years at Patterson before becoming a 1st-grade CTA teacher here. I transitioned to Classic Kindergarten in 2021. I have extensive experience with children who have special needs. My children have experienced physical disabilities (arthritis, dwarfism, heart problems), learning disabilities (brain injury), visual impairment (cortical blindness), mental illness, health impairments, and emotional disabilities. I am comfortable with medical issues because of years of living in and out of hospitals. I have also had the challenging privilege of raising an accelerated learner.

My Educational Philosophy

I regard each child as an individual with different interests and abilities. My favorite thing to do is to figure out what makes a child tick and then see how far they can go with help.

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