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Position: 1st Grade
Room: A12
Phone: (480)224-3642
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Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. I was raised in a teaching family in my native state of Washington. In 1987 I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. I was a professional flutist for several years while I began raising a family. Since that time, I have mothered four permanent and sixteen foster children. I added two adult children in 2010 when I remarried.

My Education and Professional Background

Throughout the years I spent countless hours in schools as a volunteer, aide, and substitute teacher before I became a teacher in 2009. I worked with the emotionally disabled children for several years at Patterson before becoming a 1st-grade CTA teacher here. I have extensive experience with children who have special needs. My children have experienced physical disabilities (arthritis, dwarfism, heart problems), learning disabilities (brain injury), visual impairment (cortical blindness), I am comfortable with medical issues because of years of living in and out of hospitals. I also have experience with accellerated learners, thanks to son number two, who now works in the US Army Intelligence Division as a Ranger.

My Educational Philosophy

I regard each child as an individual with different interests and abilities. My favorite thing to do is to figure out what makes a child tick and then see how far they can go with help.

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