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Position: 7th / Language Arts
Room: B3
Phone: (480) 224-2433
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I am Andrew Penland and I would like to welcome everyone to 8th grade Language Arts. This year is going to be a fun, challenging experience designed to be interactive and thought provoking. You are going to be asked to complete many different reading and writing activities that will help provide a solid educational foundation you will need to not only be successful in high school, but college and the real world as well.

My Education and Professional Background

I am a graduate of Northern Arizona University where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. I have dual minors in History and English. I have been in the teaching profession since 2003 and a member of the Payne staff since 2008 where I have taught both 8th grade Language Arts and 8th grade Honors Language Arts.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe education is vital to becoming a well-balanced individual and in order to make that educational experience the most successful it can be takes a partnership of all parties involved. For students to prosper it is not only dependent on them, but also the teacher, parents and community. When true collaboration is reached young people reap the positive rewards and thrive in this ever changing and demanding world.

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