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Subject / Grade Math/ 11th, 12th grades
Room: F105
Phone: (480) 224 - 2807 ex 2905
Email: Duford
"Your calculator is only as smart as its operator."
-- Tamara Duford

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Welcome to my website. I love math! Finding x is like a fun puzzle to me.

My Education and Professional Background

BA in Math Education and an MS in Instructional Science from Brigham Young University I've been teaching around 20 years and helped open Perry High. I also teach online classes for University of Phoenis and Rio Salado Community College.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe everyone can learn and do math. It might be harder for you. It might take more work for you, but you can learn math. Everyone has something that comes easy to them and something that doesn't. If math doesn't come easy to you, that doesn't mean you give up. Keep working and trying. It will come! If you want to get good at anything (baseball, playing the piano, riding a bike etc...) you must practice it. Math is no different. The more you practice (practice doing problems) math the better you will get at it.

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