Bully Prevention

  • At Riggs Elementary School we understand the importance of establishing a safe learning environment. Bullying is not tolerated. We believe in being proactive and teaching our students strategies to help them deal with situations. 

    If your child reports to you that he/she has been bullied, we ask that you contact the teacher. We will take care of any issues of which we are made aware. The website StopBullying.gov website has great information for students and parents regarding anti-bullying.


    Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending him or herself. Bullying should not be seen as “kids being kids” or something that students just need to deal with. Having a safe school experience is something that all students should be able to enjoy.

    Bullying behaviors may involve physical aggression; such as hitting and shoving, and verbal aggression; such as name calling, teasing, and threatening. Bullying may also be subtle; such as ignoring someone and deliberately excluding them from the group, telling lies, and spreading rumors.


    Students must realize bullying is not to be tolerated and that the only way to stop bullying is to be open about it with actions or words. Keeping it a secret from adults they trust gives the bullies more power to continue.

    Many people feel helpless when they are being bullied, but there are some things they can do in any situation.

    1. Stay calm and look confident.
    2. Speak loudly and firmly to the person/people bullying. Tell them to stop.
    3. Don't be mean back. It will not make bullying go away.
    4. Get away from the situation. Find some friends or go to a safe place.
    5. Tell an adult about it.

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