About Morales Ruan...
Position: 5th Grade TOP
Room: 35
Phone: 480-812-6765
Email: Morales Ruan

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Hola, Hartford Huskies! Welcome, bienvenidos to Hartford and classroom #4. To help you be ready to have a successful year, please keep the following in mind: show up every day, ask lots of questions, perseverance is key, and read many books! Parents, remember your support is crucial to the success of your child in school. Please don’t hesitate to call me as often as necessary to help your child.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, I attended jewelry design school, completed a pre-med program, earned my Master’s degree in Education with a dual certification in K-8 and special education, and I’m certified in Spanish. My passions include Shakespeare, critical thinking programs like Odyssey of the Mind and LEGO Robotics, and coding. I hope to see many Hartford students participate in these programs.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is quite simple. I try to teach my students that we are all natural learners and must not fear failure. It is due to making mistakes that will make us smarter, stronger in character, and fearless in risking an answer to a question in class. I’ll assist them in developing critical thinking and interpersonal skills while preserving curiosity and creativity along the way.

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