• AZ State Merit Testing Results

    Barbara Kowalinski, Principal

    On behalf of Santan Junior HighSchool, I am writing to inform you that within the next couple of weeks you will be receiving a report on your child’s AzMERIT assessment results from the spring of 2015. This assessment is administered by the Arizona Department of Education and required by the United States Department of Education through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001.

    The results of this exam are different from the previous state standardized assessment.  Due to the increased expectation placed on student learning in the Arizona Career and College Readiness Standards, fewer students achieved the highest performance distinction throughout the state of Arizona.  In fact, for every two students that scored “exceeds” on the previous AIMS examination, there is only one student that scored “highly proficient” on the new AzMERIT exam. 

    For a student that moved from the highest scoring category on AIMS to the second highest score category on AzMERIT, the conclusion should not be that less learning has occurred.  In fact, even though a student has lower overall performance on AzMERIT in comparison to AIMS greater learning gains might have occurred in the most current school year.  The increased expectations are causing the lower overall performance and are telling us that this student still has room to grow with respect to the standards learned.

    Santan Junior High School takes pride in servicing the learning needs of every child.  Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  The AzMERIT results are just one piece of data that provide information on accomplishing our mission for your individual student.

    Barbara J. Kowalinski


    Santan Junior High

    Please know that AzMERIT Reports for state testing will be sent home the week of November 16.  Current 8th grade students will be sent home with students.  Current 7th grade students will be mailed from their former elementary school.  Last year’s 8th grade students, who are now 9th graders, will have their reports mailed home, too.


    Videos for Parent Regarding AzMERIT and Reports