Shumway Parent-Teacher Organization

  • Mission Statement

    The Shumway Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is established as a network where parents and teachers communicate and work together to provide the best possible education experience for the students. The PTO sponsors activities that are fun for students, beneficial to the school, and enhance the feeling of community at Shumway. All parents are encouraged to become involved at the school.

    General Information

    Open/board meetings of the Shumway PTO are generally held once per quarter in the Shumway Media Center. Days and times vary year to year based on the needs of the school community. This year, meetings are scheduled as follows: 6:30 pm in the library on 8/29/23, 11/7/23, 2/6/24, and 4/2/24.  Other meetings are arranged throughout the school year according to specific committees and events. General meetings consist of PTO/Shumway announcements, event planning/review, budget reports, and principal question/answer time. Anyone wishing to participate in the planning and decision-making of Shumway's PTO are encouraged to communicate with a current board member and attend the meetings. The PTO cannot host events without the strong support of the great "star" parents at Shumway.

    All parents are invited to stop by and volunteer at the school. Whether it is helping out in the classroom or donating time at an event, your time supports our school and really makes an impact on the students. For the safety of our students, please make sure to sign in and wear a nametag while at school. This will help identify you to others as a Shumway Volunteer/Visitor and not a stranger. 

    All donations to the school are extremely important. The various types of fundraising the Shumway PTO does throughout the year provides the school with the "extras" that help make Shumway an even better school. Over the years, the PTO has funded new equipment, educational games/tools, grade level items for classrooms, new library books, playground equipment, shade structures, and special events.

    To contact Shumway PTO,  please email