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Subject / Grade 4th Grade
Room: 38
Phone: (480) 883-4468
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"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."
-- Socrates

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Welcome to our wonderful fourth grade class! I have always enjoyed being a student and I LOVE my job as a teacher, so I’m looking forward to an exciting year of learning, exploration, and growth.

My Education and Professional Background

I began Kindergarten in NYC at age 4. My family moved to Arizona for 1st grade, & I still remember learning how to read in a book called Fun with Dick and Jane. Soon I was reading everything I could find. By fifth grade we had moved to California, where I had a crazy, fun teacher named Mrs. Davies, who made us work sooo hard---but what great fun we had! We made Uncle Sam hats & put on a big musical with all of America’ patriotic songs, & performed a play in Spanish of The Three Little Pigs. (I still like to sing, speak Spanish, and curate my Piggie Museum!) I ended up back in Arizona and graduated from ASU with a degree in English. I wanted to be a teacher like both of my grandmothers, so I earned a Master’s degree in Education from ASU 27 years ago, & went to work for CUSD. I taught 4th grade my first year & for 15 years after that---I must really like 4th graders! (And I taught 20 years in the CATS program---I must really know how to make kids smart!)

My Educational Philosophy


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