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Position: 8th Grade Math360
Room: F5
Phone: (480) 883-5765
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I am excited about this year. I hope to inspire and motivate you to love math. I know math is often a challenge for some students, but I hope to help you get it this year.

My Education and Professional Background

I have been teaching for over 20 years. I have a bachelor & masters degree in education along with a reading endorsement and a math certificate. I have taught elementary, junior high, and adult education classes. I have had extensive training in math from AMP (Arizona Mathematics Project) to insure that my students are getting the highest level of teaching I can give them.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is based upon the concept that we as educators, regardless of subject specialization, are teachers of life. Life is full of challenges, and we should learn from those challenges. Learning is a life-long process. Our most important duty is to prepare our students to develop the necessary skills that will lead them to a productive and successful adulthood. I constantly challenge my students to reach new heights and to continually challenge themselves. As their teacher, I will display strong values and maintain high expectations in order to have a strong impact on my students. I try to cultivate an innate curiosity and love of learning in my students. I want them to discover a passion for learning. By creating an encouraging, orderly classroom environment, involving discussions and group work, I will encourage students to become successful learners and problem solvers.

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