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Position: Spanish/ 7th-8th
Room: M15
Phone: 4808835793
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Welcome to Spanish. Our Spanish class is designed to help students master basic communication skills in Spanish. We will engage in speaking, reading, listening, and writing activities in order to gain proficiency in Spanish. We will complete tasks and projects that will help students build skills to communicate in a variety of real-life situations. In addition, we will be exploring the cultural aspects of many of the Spanish speaking countries.

My Education and Professional Background

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. In 2005 I obtained a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction-English as a Second Language Education from Arizona State University. In 2009, I received a Master's in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University.

My Educational Philosophy

My priority in the classroom will always be my students. I want to create a learning environment where students can flourish and explore to reach their full potential. My goal is to create a safe and loving environment where students feel safe to take risks and share their ideas.

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