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Position: Math
Room: A6
Phone: 4808375736
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Welcome to 7th Grade Jr. High Math. I look forward to meeting both parents and students this year. Please know that I am only a phone call or an email away. This is my first year as a Jr. High Teacher, however I have taught 6th grade for 21 years. I have found my passion as a quilter. While just a beginner, I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of putting small pieces together to make something beautiful again. I have 4 grown children and 10 grandchildren who keep me busy still, as well as

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated in 1993 from ASU in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in math education. I received my Masters Degree from NAU in Human Relations in 2001. Since then I have added a endorsement to my certificate in math education.

My Educational Philosophy

In my world of teaching, I carry an invisible knapsack filled with the hopes, aspirations, and goals that I have for each of my students. As their classroom teacher, not only do I strive to impart knowledge onto them, I also continuously provide limitless guidance – both from the personal and academia worlds – for all of my students. In doing so, I set high expectations in my classroom while providing endless support, such as offering before and after school help to all children who are in nee

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