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    Established to provide assistance to students facing serious life altering illness or injuries, the Student Crisis Fund is a testament to our community's dedication to all of its children, especially those in need.
    One of the things that makes Chandler such a special place is our community's strong advocacy for children. It is evident in the support for schools and youth programs, and it is especially evident in the way the community rallies to support our young people who face catastrophic injury or illness.
    The efforts by community members and the Chandler Unified School District employees are legendary on behalf of Haley Knutsen, an elementary student who lost a lengthy battle with leukemia; Joe Jackson, a Hamilton High student, who suffered a serious injury in football practice; and Alex Arndt, a Chandler High student-athlete, who fought a serious illness.
    In these instances, and many more, our employees opened their wallets, service clubs contributed, businesses sponsored special events, students engaged in fundraisers and the community as a whole responded with generosity and compassion.
    Because families experience substantial medical costs not covered through insurance, the Chandler Unified School District and the Chandler Education Foundation partnered to create the CUSD Student Crisis Fund to assist the families of our students who undergo life-altering experiences, such as those we've described.
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    Your contributions will provide assistance at three levels.
    Your donations will be the main source of funding for our assistance programs as follows:
    Tier 1 - One-time assistance up to $1,000.
    Tier 2 - Major Medical $1,001 to $2,500.
    Tier 3 - Catastrophic Illness/Injury $2,501 and above.
    • A committee of volunteers will be set up to review requests for each tier level.
    • Money is never awarded to the individuals.
    • Medical Information will be required for Catastrophic Illness/Injury Request.
    • Checks are written directly to medical facilities, specialists, businesses, corporations, etc.
    • All applications requesting assistance need to be sent to Donna Nigh at the CUSD District Office.
    The CUSD Student Crisis Fund is sponsored by the Chandler Education Foundation in Partnership with Chandler Unified School District, Chandler Education Association and Education Support Professionals of Chandler.
Last Modified on February 8, 2018