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    Mentor Accounts
    Need an account to be able to check the progress of your student(s)?  Please email gleason.denae@cusd80.com
    Mentor Account Log-in Page:  http://chandleronline.agilixbuzz.com/

    COA Information and Overview

    Updates and Announcements
    Online AP Classes:  CUSD Students can take online AP classes from COA for a fee.  They may only take the class if they are doing it for grade replacement.  The fee will be $160 and students should apply for these  AP classes by filling out a Part-Time Student Application
    Grade Replacement/Improvement:  COA Full-time and Part-time students may take online classes for grade replacement or improvement.  Concurrent students have to pay $160 to take online courses for grade replacement and should apply with a Part Time student application.

    Research on Online Learning and Virtual Schools
    Meta-Analysis of Research on Features of K-12 Online Education:  Features
    At-Risk Populations in K-12 Online Environments:  At-Risk

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    Denae Gleason
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    Chandler Online Academy Administrative Assistant: 
    Erin Neil
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