Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Carlson Elementary is to prepare a community of life-long learners to be productive and empowered citizens capable of successfully participating in society, by providing high quality instruction in an environment that is challenging, safe, and fun.

    Vision Statement

    Carlson Elementary School prepares its students for success in the 21st century.  Our curriculum design and instructional practices serve as a strong foundation for student learning.
    • Carlson students experience success and are held to the highest standards both academically and behaviorally.
    • Carlson parents experience satisfaction as they observe their students progress.  They work in collaboration with the school to ensure that site goals and priorities are met.
    • The Carlson staff experience a sense of accomplishment as they are held with great regard in their pursuit of student learning.
    • The Carlson community takes pride in its neighborhood school as we work together to create quality education for all students.


    The staff at Carlson Elementary commit to the following guiding principles:

    1.  Student achievement is our priority. Working
         together, we can help our students soar to new
    2.  Students and families are important. They deserve our
         respect. Our words and actions will demonstrate this.
    3.  All students can achieve. We will provide learning that
         is rigorous, relevant, and fun.
    4.  Student safety is important to us. Cooperating together,
         we can provide a safe and secure learning environment.
    5.  We value everyone's contributions. Parents and
         community members are vital to the success of our