• Classic Carlson vs CTA Carlson

    Please see the table below to see the differences and similarities among the 2 choices (CTA or Classic) offered at Carlson Elementary.

    John & Carol Carlson Elementary – CUSD

    Comparison between “Classic” and CTA

    Two Choices, One School

    Classic Carlson


    Similar Areas

    ·          Room setup varies by teacher


    ·         Math Instruction – HMH My Math (K-5)/ Glencoe Math (6th)



    ·         Handwriting – Spalding


    ·         Whole group and small group instruction with flexible grouping in order to provide for each student’s individual needs



    ·         Homework Policy (M-TH)

    o    Kinder      10-15 min.

    o   1st-2nd        10-25 min.

    o   3rd- 4th       20-30 min.

    o   5th – 6th     30-50 min.


    ·         Neighborhood & Open Enrollment Procedures

    ·         Desks face front of room


    ·         Math Instruction – Saxon Math – Accelerated (K-4)/Glencoe Math - Accelerated (5-6)



    ·         Handwriting – Spalding


    ·         Primarily whole group instruction, coupled with small group or individual student articulation as appropriate


    ·         CTA programming includes additional homework requirements over and above district requirements (see Classic guidelines)


    ·         Acceptance based on enrollment capacity and Open Enrollment procedures

    ·         School Dress Code – No Uniform policy for CTA or Classic

    ·         Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards (AZCCRS) taught

    ·         ELA Instruction – Houghton-Mifflin Journey’s Program 

    ·         Science & Social Studies Instructional programming

    ·         School wide Discipline policy

    ·         Second Step Violence Prevention – anti-bullying program

    ·         Character Counts

    ·         Accelerated Reader (AR)

    ·         DIBELS Assessments (K-3)

    ·         BLOCK Schedule for Band, Orchestra, Music, PE (5th and 6th grade only)

    ·         Specials – PE, Music, Media/Library (K-6)

    ·         Special Education Services

    ·         English Language Development Instruction (ELD)

    ·         Response to Intervention support services (RTI)

    ·         Art Masterpiece

    ·         Grade Level Field Trips

    ·         Science Fair participation

    ·         Before & after school clubs

    ·         Battle of the Books

    ·         Spelling Bee

    ·         PTO/Site Council participation

    ·         Grade Level Recess & Lunch

    ·         School-wide assemblies


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