• Service-Learning
    Service Learning at Arizona College Prep provides opportunities for students to learn about themselves through working to help others. Arizona College Prep has a partnership with the Chandler Salvation Army. Through this partnership students will have many different types of opportunities to participate and learn. Arizona College Prep is in the planning stages of launching a school-wide Service-Learning initiative. More information on the program will be forthcoming.
    Student comments from the Salvation Army trip:
    "My experience at the Salvation Army was fun and fulfilling. I was able to help others receive the aid they need while also practicing my speaking abilities in Spanish. I was surprised at how easily speaking to others came to me and I hope I can have another opportunity to do what I did this week. It felt great to help out in a different way, and the whole experience gave me a new perspective of what it is like to live in poverty. I hope that our school can participate in more activities and service-learning projects that give back to our community."  Victoria D. 10th grade
    "My experience at the Salvation Army was life changing. I never would have imagined that one experience could give me such a new perspective on everything around me." Meghna P. 10th grade
    Katie P. serving a client at the Salvation Army  
    Please consider a Tax Credit Donation. Your Tax Credit "loan" makes Service Learning trips possible for our students. Please contact Mrs. Tambone with questions.