• Willis Distance Learning Resources
    During the coming weeks, a majority of our instruction will be delivered via Google Classroom. Many of our students already have school-issued Google accounts and have used Google Classroom. 
    Here is a video to assist parents (and students) with Google Classroom Basics:

    Logging in to Google Classroom
    To log-in, please visit the G Suite Hub and enter your school issued username and password.  All students can access their classes using their school username and password.  For those students who created passwords previously, passwords have been reset following the pattern below.

    Visit the G Suite Hub

    1. Enter your username as: S+identificationnumber@gse.cusd80.com where identificationnumber is your school issued student identification number. For example, a student with the the ID number 123456 would enter S123456@gse.cusd80.com
    2. For the password you will use: S + identification number + !  For example, a student with the ID number 123456 would enter S123456! (note this is case sensitive)
    3. Google will then prompt you to create a new password, for your security.  Make sure that you write down the new password in a place you can access in the event you forget it.  Students can also reach out to their homeroom teachers by email (lastname.firstname@cusd80.com) for help with resetting a password in the event you get locked out.



    If you have difficulty accessing Google Classroom, or need technical support you may utilize the CUSD tech support resources, or contact the Willis Junior High School main office at (480) 883-5700 for assistance.