• Willis Virtual Learning Resources
    For the first two weeks of January, instruction will be delivered via Google Classroom. Most of our students already have school-issued Google accounts and have used Google Classroom. 
    OPTIONAL Student Schedule for Virtual Learning

    Google Classroom

    Each school day, students may follow a schedule – attending classes and interacting with teachers and other students. While this schedule is optional (we understand it may not work for all students and families) we encourage our students to seek out as much “in-person” engagement as possible – either during “live” lessons for each period, or during designated office hours. Office hours are times set aside for students to seek assistance or ask questions of any of their teachers.

    Here is a video to assist parents (and students) with Google Classroom Basics:

    On-Campus Access to Technology

    The purpose of this "open-lab" is to provide students with access to technology and/or WiFi and a quiet place to work during the day. Students may sign-up for a morning session, an afternoon session, or for a full day (9 AM - 3:30 PM). They must stay the entire time they have signed up for unless a parent or guardian signs them out. Please note that we are unable to provide transportation. Students may bring their own lunch, or they may receive a sack lunch from our cafeteria. All students should bring a large water bottle. Students will sign-in and sign out each day. 


    On-Campus Access to Technology Sign-Up - WEEK OF JANUARY 11

    Registro de acceso a tecnología en el campus - SEMANA DE ENERO 11 (en español)

    • You may sign up for multiple days and time periods
    • Students will be required to sign-in when they arrive and sign out when they are leaving
    • Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the student and parent
    • Students WILL be REQUIRED to wear a mask while working
    • A sack lunch will be provided or students may bring their own lunch
    • All students should bring a large/refillable water bottle each day
    • If students have headphones, they should bring them (headphones with a microphone are particularly helpful)
    • If students are staying for the day, they should bring a book and/or other materials in order to stay engaged and quiet if they complete their school work early
    • Students are expected to comply with the Willis Core values and all school and district behavioral expectations
    • Students may not arrive early and they should be picked up promptly at the end of their session

    Thank you!


    If you have difficulty accessing Google Classroom, or need technical support you may contact the Willis Junior High School main office at (480) 883-5700 for assistance.