• Shumway Anti-Bullying Hotline

    (480) 812-7400


    Bullying is serious and will not be tolerated at Shumway Elementary School. Our students deserve to be treated with respect and feel safe in school at all times. The purpose of this hotline is to have students and parents report incidents of bullying anonymously to school officials.


    The characteristics of bullying include:


    Repeated incidents of harassment;


    Imbalance of power (not a conflict between “equals” or friends); and


    Purposeful actions meant to cause harm to another individual.


    Students being bullied or have witnessed bullying in school or on school property should use this hotline to report the information anonymously. Please call the Shumway Bullying Hotline at:


    (480) 812-7400



    1. The date and time the incident occurred.


    2. The names of the student(s) exhibiting bullying behaviors.


    3. The location of where the incident took place. (classroom, playground, school bus or bus stop, hallways, cafeteria, after-school sponsored activity, etc.)


    4. In as many details as possible, describe what happened.


    5. Provide names of witnesses present.


    6. A name and phone number to contact you (optional).


    We will be able to effectively investigate your report if a sufficient amount of information is provided.


    As always, students and/or parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher, school counselor or principal. Once again, the purpose of this hotline is for students to report bullying anonymously.


    If you fear a student is in immediate danger, please contact Dr. Brenner at (480) 812-7407

    Dr. Korry Brenner
    Shumway Elementary School
    Office (480)812-7407

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