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    Position: Instructor

    Room: C231

    Phone: 883-5100

    Email: Mr. Ed Anderson

    Mr. Ed Anderson

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    Welcome to class. Let’s strive to make the classroom atmosphere as positive, challenging, and encouraging as possible. A teamwork attitude of “We can do it!” needs to permeate the entire learning process. Let’s each give our best each and every class.

    My Education and Professional Background

    B.A. degree in Secondary Education/Mathematics and an M.A. degree in Secondary Education / Counseling from ASU. He is an active member of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM), where he has served as the State Coordinator for the State High School Math Contest and is currently the treasurer. In 2006, Ed co-authored “AIMS-Math” Barron’s Test Preparation Series, a study guide to prepare for students taking the Arizona AIMS Math Test. Ed enjoys finding new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. During the last several years, he recruited and trained teachers throughout the East Valley in the use of the WebWork homework system.

    My Educational Philosophy

    It has always been my desire to do more than just teach mathematical concepts. I want to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I strive to help students tackle difficult, complex problems. It is my goal to provide for you the opportunity to think critically and be a problem solver. Each student must be active in the learning process. Determine to learn. Learning is a lifelong process full of new discoveries as well as recalling past lessons. Regardless of your background and knowledge that you bring to the class, I hope to instill the excitement of learning each day. It is my honor to walk along with you in your quest to grow and learn. Let’s begin today!