Why Carlson?

  • With an abundance of schools to choose from, it is fair to be asking yourself: Why choose Carlson?  In an effort to answer that question, please excuse the teacher in me while I provide you with an Acrostic Poem to give you just a glimpse of the "Carlson Experience."

    Care: One step onto the Carlson Campus and you'll know you and your child will be cared for.  As our front office greets you with open arms ready to answer your questions and concerns, and staff welcome you and your children through the hallways, you will soon understand that your child is in "good hands" and cared for daily.

    Academics: Carlson students experience classrooms that provide them with programs that support high levels of learning.  Using research-based programs that systematically build upon skills, students are involved in daily learning that is both rigorous and relevant.

    Rigor: Offering accelerated opportunities in both our CTA and classic programming, the students of Carlson Elementary are presented learning challenges that continually "push" them forward - leaving the status quo behind.

    Learning: Programs and rigor aren't enough. Carlson teachers are intentional in their pursuit with students.  Finding the "teachable moments," our staff encourage, interact, discuss, engage, and challenge their classes daily to ensure that children are not just taught, but instead learn.

    Safety: Carlson staff ensure the safety of students daily.  Before and after school, you'll find duty teachers out and about keeping an eye on students to ensure that get where they need to safely.  Using electronic entry, only staff have access into the multiple points of the campus.  All parents/visitors can only enter through the front office doors and must sign in daily. Visibility is key at Carlson Elementary.

    Opportunity: While student learning is our mission, it is opportunity that"connects" families to the Carlson campus.  Volunteer opportunities abound at Carlson through our PTO events, classroom helpers, Art Masterpiece, Junior Achievement, and extra-curricular support just to name a few.  Students are offered extra-curricular opportunities as well including, but not limited to, Running Club, Chorus, Drama Club,Tutoring, Robotics, and field trips for each grade level. 

    Neighborhood: While Carlson Elementary, like most schools, is situated in a neighborhood, it's not the placement that gives it the neighborhood feel.  Instead, it is that "special" care and trust that all students get when they become a "Champion."  Whether it's the custodian who greets you with a friendly hello in the hallway, or the duty teacher that assists your child out of the car, or the front office staff that helps that kindergarten momand dad get through the first day of "kinder tears," at Carlson you are not just a parent or a student, you are family.


    If you're new to CUSD or Carlson Elementary, I encourage you to give us a call at 480-224-3800 and let our front office staff answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks for considering CUSD and Carlson Elementary.  You won't regret it- I promise.

    Andy Morgan - Principal