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Position: English 12 and Senior Honors English
Room: C 109B
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Welcome to Senior Honors English (English for STEM, a.k.a. Science and Technical Writing). I am Dr. Susan Rockwell, but everyone calls me "Doc Rock." I have been teaching high school English for over fifteen years. I am also adjunct faculty with the Maricopa County Community College system. Before I found my niche as a high school teacher, I was residential faculty at a small two-year college for Native Americans.

My Education and Professional Background

My Bachelor's in English and Master's in English/Women's Studies are from University of Alabama at Birmingham. My Doctorate of Philosophy in English is from ASU.

My Educational Philosophy

My contact with many cultures and diverse peoples over the years has developed my deep commitment to diversity at all levels. A well-rounded education includes an understanding of all cultures that make up this world. All students can succeed -- they just need to the opportunity to discover their abilities.

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