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Position: Math 10/11
Room: A24
Phone: (480)424-8154
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This is the class web page where you can find important information for your math class with Mr. McDonald. The online calendar is where you can look ahead or find what you missed. The Big Ideas Textbook Resources page is your link to online resources for the book we will be using. The Tutorial Videos page has tutorial videos for the examples and checkpoints within each lesson from the book. The Khan Academy page explains how extra credit may be earned.

My Education and Professional Background

The 2018-2019 school year will be my seventh year teaching secondary math. This is my first year at Casteel High, and sixth year in the district. I taught the previous 5 years at Basha High. I also taught 1 year at Cactus Middle School in Casa Grande. I am from Michigan where I attended Eastern Michigan University and I earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics, secondary ed.

My Educational Philosophy

All students have the ability to learn and be successful in math. Learning is a process about struggling, mental endurance, and perseverance. You have to be willing to work through the struggle to develop skills and find success in math. A Growth Mindset, which is the idea that intelligence is not fixed, but something that can be grown is the best approach to learning. It gives value to wrong answers and failures, because these can lead to interesting questions, realizations and discoveries. Check out Khan Academy's You Can Learn Anything video to see, in 90 seconds, what the Growth Mindset is all about. You can find it on the Khan Extra Credit page.

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