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Position: Biology/Honors Biology
Room: C215
Phone: (480)224-2181
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Welcome to the online resource page for Mr. Ives's Biology & Honors Biology classes. Within this site you will find supplemental information, PowerPoint lectures, assignments, and answer keys. Use this resource as often as you can as it will greatly improve your chances of success in your course. If what you need is not here, please contact me asap. I am so much looking forward to a successful 2019-2020 school year. GO BEARS!

My Education and Professional Background

Sergeant USMC, BS Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology from Arizona State University, Teacher Certification Rio Salado College, Master’s Degree in Education from Northcentral University.

My Educational Philosophy

I see education as feedback earned from the actions and behaviors voluntarily engaged in that illustrate one’s voluntary acceptance of the responsibility in owning the process of realizing their potential for the fulfillment of both the individual’s pursuit of truth, life, liberty, and happiness and the obligation to prepare oneself to contribute productively to his or her society. In my opinion, education is a differentiated reward for each uniquely-gifted student that engages in the process. The reward of education is the ability to realize potential through methodical interaction with useful curriculum, some of which one will naturally be interested in, but also that which a functional society can benefit from. High school can be described as an opportunity to gain the basic liberating knowledge necessary to hone raw potential into something universally useful. My role in this is organizer, facilitator, and evaluator. The student’s role is a brave and willing participant.

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