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Position: Honors Geometry
Room: B107
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Welcome! No matter if you are in a beginning course or an advanced course, the following strategies will serve you well. Come to class prepared, both in attitude and materials. Participate fully in class. Diligently complete homework and study. Keep trying. Seek help when needed. If you follow these guidelines, you may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

My Education and Professional Background

I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education (mathematics) from the University of Portland in 1995. I earned my Masters in Teacher Leadership (Gifted & Talented Education) from Lamar University in 2015. I taught for 7 years in Washington State at both junior high and high school levels. In 2004, we moved our family to Arizona for my husband’s career. I started teaching for Chandler Unified School district in 2005 at Basha High School. I have taught at Arizona College Prep- Erie since the 2013-2014 school year. In addition to my classroom experience, I have planned and written curriculum for an on-line education company.

My Educational Philosophy

As a veteran teacher, I have grown in so many ways since my first tentative steps as an educator. I found that I am quite adept at writing mathematics curriculum and adopting it to fit individual student’s needs. I think of math concepts, how students learn math, and what causes students to struggle. I am joyous over the beauty in a mathematical proof or seeming paradox. I know that not all my students will share this depth of appreciation, but I want them to, at the minimum, feel capable of using mathematics to access their own dreams and maximize their own futures. As a result, I find that I am an advocate for the struggling students as well as the gifted student. Allowing each student to access the curriculum at their level empowers each of them to grow and do great things. When students have confidence and teachers that believe in them, they believe they can change the world. This world needs people who are willing to believe that is possible.

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