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Position: AP Statistics
Room: C108
Phone: (480) 706-3708
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All students will love AP Statistics, math very important to everyone's lives. I love to teach and I am impressed with all of the students that I have taught over the past 44 years.

My Education and Professional Background

BA Mathematics at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa 1967-1971; MA plus 60 at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ 1985-1989; 44 years teachings high school math 1972 to current at LeGrand, Des Moines, Ogden, and Ames, Iowa then Marcos De Niza, Mt Pointe, Desert Vista, and Basha; married to Kathy for 45 years with 4 children ( all 6 of us teachers)

My Educational Philosophy

If students and teachers work to their potential, we will maximize student learning and provide for the greatest opportunities.

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