• Artist in Residence

    The Artist In Residence Program is designed to immerse the entire school and community into the culture of a specific nationality or style. A local artist is chosen the previous year during the grant-writing process. The residency itself includes an introductory performance for the school by our artist. Then, our artist visits the school every day for four weeks presenting sessions to each class in the school. Usually, a core grade is chosen as a "focus" grade and receives more sessions. During the sessions students usually learn about the artist and their culture as well as authentic music, dance and songs related to the culture. In addition, students usually create art work that is displayed at the end if the residency. Finally, there is a culminating performance for the public by our artist that includes the core grade level.

    Residency Goals:
    1. Students at Conley (especially the core grade) will experience an immersion in a culture or art form through a series of sessions with an artist in residence. Students will be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of a new visual or performing art style and/or culture through the presentation of art work and/or musical performances in a final event. 

    2. Students will express awareness and appreciation for a visual or performing art and develop a desire to continue to explore the world of art as a result of this program.
    3. Teachers, parents, and community members will participate in aspects of the program and actively support multicultural awareness and art education.

    The Artist In Residence Program is made possible by grants to our school from  Arizona Commission on the Arts (with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts) as well as funding the Extra-Curricular Tax-Credit donations
    2013 - 2014 - Taiko Drumming
    Eileen Morgan is an expert in Japanese Taiko Drumming. The residency began on January 8th with an exciting opening assembly for the entire school. This assembly featured our artist, "Morgan Sensei", and the Professional Japanese Taiko Drumming group, Fushicho Daiko. Then, beginning that day, Morgan Sensei led sessions in the art of Japanese Taiko Drumming with every class at Conley. The 5th grade was the focus grade and presented a culminating performance on Tuesday, February 4th at 6:30 PM. It was an amazing experience and one the students of Conley will never forget. Thank you, Morgan Sensei!


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