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    Health Assistant: Julie Bank Rollins

    Attention Parents,

    Students cannot carry any type of medication (cream, cough drops, nose spray, eye drops, vitamins etc.) in their backpacks, pockets or lunch boxes. If the child needs to take medications at school, all medications need to be brought to the health  office by a parent. The ONLY exceptions are inhalers if the parent has marked the emergency card with permission to carry. All medications taken from students will be discarded in 30 days if not picked up by a parent.
    Parents must complete a medication form. Please come to my office to fill out the form. Thank you!

    If your child becomes ill at school, they will report to the health office. Our Health Assistant uses CUSD District policies when determining what action is to be taken in regards to your child's illness/injury. You will be contacted if necessary. It is extremely important that you keep our Health Office and Attendance Clerk updated with all current telephone numbers and addresses. Our Health Office number is (480) 812-6202.

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