• Graduation 2020


    1. A unit of credit is granted for work completed in a subject meeting one period for the academic year. One-half unit of credit is granted for work completed in a subject meeting one period for one-half the academic year (one semester). Seventh and eighth graders do not receive credit toward high school graduation. High school courses taken in 7th and 8th grade may be placed on the student's transcripts but do not count towards the fulfillment of graduation requirements. Only students enrolled in grades 9-12 receive credit for high school graduation.

    2. Freshman, sophomores and juniors are required to take six courses. Seniors may enroll in a minimum of four courses if they are on track to meet graduation requirements. Seniors should complete a credit check with their counselor to insure that all graduation requirements are being met.

    3. Course work in accredited summer and night school may be taken toward graduation requirements. Students may also enroll in a limited number of correspondence courses if approved by the student's counselor and school administrator.

    4. Students attempting to earn credits at sites other than the school campus from which they intend to graduate need to exert care and caution. Acceptance of transfer credits from sources outside the Chandler School District is not automatic. It is recommended that students consult with their counselor before enrolling in courses outside the Chandler Unified School District to clarify if credit will be granted and to determine what process must be followed to have the credit transferred. Through careful planning and consultation, disappointments and confusion can be avoided.

    5. At the beginning of a given school year, a student is considered to be a freshman when fewer than five credits have been earned, a sophomore when at least five credits have been earned, a junior when at least ten credits have been earned, and a senior when at least fifteen credits have been earned.

    6. Teacher aides will receive .50 credit per period, per semester with a maximum of 1/2 credit counting towards graduation as elective credit.

    Curriculum Requirements/Recommendations   
    Curriculum CUSD Graduation   Requirements  Arizona University Entrance Requirements
    English 4 4
    Math 4 4
    Laboratory Science 3 3
    Social Studies 3 2
    Vocational/Arts 1 1 (Arts)
    Foreign Language 0 2
    Physical Education 1 0
    Comprehensive Health 0.5 0
    Required Courses 16.5 16
    Elective Courses


    Total Required Courses 22 16
    Cross Credit Courses

    The following list of courses may be used to substitute for credit in other areas.The courses listed are outlined in their respective course descriptionsthroughout the catalog.

    • Courses that may be used or applied toward the physical education requirement: Spiritline, Beginning Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance, Drill/Color Guard, Marching Band, Flags and AFJROTC. Marching Band, Flags and AFJROTC credit will only waive PE credit at the ratio of three semesters of Band/Flags/AFJROTC to two semesters of P.E.

    • Courses that may be applied toward the science requirement: Applied Biological Systems may be applied as a lab science course (Biology), Agriscience I and Agriscience II may be applied towards fulfillment of the science requirement at the ratio of each full year course equates to 1/2 year of lab science. 
    • Courses that may be applied toward the economics requirement: Agriculture BusinessManagement, Cooperative Education courses.




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