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Position: English Language Arts
Room: B101
Phone: (480) 883-5441
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I am thrilled to be a part of your student's academic journey this year. As parents and teachers, if we want children to work with a sense of purpose in school, we must communicate with them to establish a sense of purpose in their exploration of various topics including literature studies, informational text, vocabulary development, and writing. Together we will create an environment where all students will achieve success through intellectual challenges, creativity, and self-empowerment.

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education English Graduated Suma Cum Laude Arizona State University

My Educational Philosophy

There are seven important characteristics that will allow students to be successful in the classroom. None of these characteristics can be measured by IQ. With substantial data and research the following traits are what every student needs to be successful: curiosity, grit, self-control, zest, social intelligence, gratitude, and optimism. I believe that modeling and nurturing these qualities in each student will enable them to achieve success throughout the year as well as in the future. It is my primary goal to challenge students to think for themselves and become lifelong learners.

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Last Modified on July 15, 2022