Hello! I miss you all and hope all of you are staying healthy!

    We will be starting our online instruction next week. All classes will be using Google Classroom, so beginning on Monday, you should look for an assignment on our Google Classroom page. Just like when we started using Google Classroom last quarter, I will welcome feedback from you as to whether there are too many/too little assignments, if the assignment directions are clear, and what is helpful/what could use some changes.

    If you could log in to our google classroom page this week to make sure you remember your password, that would be great! Remember that you need to log in using your @gse.cusd80.com email address. If you do need your password reset, please email me at hamilton.michelle@cusd80.com, and I can reset it for you.

    For now just relax, spend some quality time with family, and wash your hands :)