• Supporting your athlete

    Posted by Julie Wilkinson on 8/13/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Parents- We all want the best for our kids and it is no different when it comes to athletics.  I wanted my son to start.  I wanted my daughter to be captain of the team.  I too am guilty of trying to coach from the sideline....

    I finally learned to keep quiet and simply cheer by my daughter's Senior year when she informed me that even though I was yelling from the side of the pool, she couldn't hear me because she was underwater!! So obvious...but I thought I was helping...lol. 



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  • Preparing your child for Tryouts

    Posted by Julie Wilkinson on 7/27/2018

    Great article here regarding how we can prepare our kids for a sports tryout.  I get it parents...I am first and foremost a mother of two children now ages 18 and 22 who participated in sports in both Jr. High and HS.  I have been through this and felt the sting of my son being cut from teams in Jr High and HS.  I've had to be strong for him and not let him see how hard it was on me to see him upset.  He did eventually make teams in HS but learned something more valuable along the way.  He learned not to give up.  He learned that sometimes in life things don't go as planned.  He learned to try new things. He learned that you can only control YOU.  All you can do is try your hardest and do your best.  If you do that...you win regardless. 



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  • ACP Oakland Athletic Goals

    Posted by Julie Wilkinson on 7/13/2018

    Welcome to Athletics at ACP Oakland!

    I would like to remind all parents, guardians, and other Knights fans of a few things so that the season is positive and rewarding for all of the Knight-Nation:   


    • The ACP coaches are here to coach the ACP athletes. As a fan (whether or not you have coaching experience), your support is needed. This can best be shown through positive praise of the players. Please do not coach your student-athlete or any other players on the team from the sidelines. This could go against what the coach is trying to do for the team as a whole or confuse the players on the field or court.
    • Please keep all negative comments to yourself. Coaches, players, and officials are human and will make mistakes. Although we may not agree with a decision that has been made, it is important that we lead by example. Our students will see how we handle conflict and unfavorable situations and use that behavior in future situations.
    • Sportsmanship is as important off the field as is it is on the field (court, course, etc.).
    • See link for The Influence of Parents in Youth Sports by Mary Quinton  http://www.thesportinmind.com/articles/the-influence-of-parents-in-youth-sport/
    • Please leave the sporting facilities as clean or in better shape than you arrived to them. We want ACP to be seen in the community as a premier school.
    • If your student-athlete has questions, please encourage him/her to contact the coach. We want to teach our students important communication and self-advocacy skills. If his/her questions, or your questions, are not answered by the coach, then please contact me. My email address iswilkinson.julie@cusd80.com.

    Sports at Arizona College Prep should be fun and rewarding for all participants. It should also be a learning experience that helps our young people develop as athletes, grow individually and interpersonally. If there is anything that I can do to assist in that, don’t hesitate to let me know.  


    Dr. Julie Wilkinson

    Assistant Prinicpal/Athletic Director

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