• Each year seventh graders walk through our gates wide-eyed with wonder about this new place called junior high.  They hold a healthy apprehension for what their first “secondary” year may bring.  They harbor a high sense of expectation for their teachers, friends, and the unknown.  Most will be trying to balance a craving to express their individuality with an overwhelming desire to fit in.


    We encourage students to actively participate in their learning; to activate individual strengths and interests, and build adult and peer relationships that contribute to their overall success. At Bogle, an excellent teaching and support staff works to create a school climate that promotes student effort and acknowledges personal achievement.  Students are exposed to elevated academic and behavioral expectations, paired with expanded social experiences and increased personal responsibilities designed to invigorate and prepare them for the future.  In addition to raising classroom performance, students are guided in finding outlets for personal interest by participating in clubs, teams, or specific interest groups; experiences that result in new friendships, healthy recreation, and community awareness … for most kids these connections heighten the enjoyment of junior high and, for many, result in higher academic achievement.


    While kids become more self-reliant in junior high, parent roles related to school are adjusted to allow students greater accountability and independence.  Our parents support Bogle by choosing an area of interest and providing time and energy to assist us in completing our educational mission.  Volunteer opportunities are varied and include on-site and behind the scenes involvement.  Each year we have immediate need for copy room assistance, Site Council and Booster Club Executive Board membership.  The Parent Booster link on our website provides specific information about the numerous opportunities and also gives parents access to interest forms.   


    At the end of two years, we want our eighth graders to walk out of our gates with a stronger sense of self; an appreciation of the effort and dedication required for academic and personal growth; and drive, purpose, and confidence to succeed in high school.  We want them to feel empowered to control their own destiny using the personal and academic tools honed in their experiences at BJHS.


    The administrative team welcomes you to Bogle!


     BJHS Administrative Team

     Kevin Chapin, Susan Avey, Nathan Fairchild