• Cassandra La Pietra Aloha! My name is Miss. La Pietra (la-pee-eh-trah). I'm a 4-6 grade Special Education teacher. I have spent my short teaching career in the self-contained setting and I'm proud to be a special education teacher.
    I graduated from Arizona State University with a dual certificate in Elementary Education and Special Education. I plan to continue my education by attending professional development classes and enrolling in a graduate program in the future. As John Cotton Dana wisely stated, "Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
    I'm an Italian-American and in Italian culture family is most important. So I spend my free time with my family and close friends. I have boy/girl twins who are my super hero sidekicks.
    I love being outdoors doing things like camping, hiking, paddle boarding, etc. Other favorite past times include reading, watching movies, CrossFit, cooking (or at least attempting to), traveling, and volunteering in the community. 
    I know I can't do my job successfully without my team, student families, and the students' belief in themselves. My goal is to highlight student strengths, improve upon weaknesses, and push them to be the best version of who they are.