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Position: 7th grade Language Arts
Room: 705
Phone: (480) 883-5549
Email: Roehler

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Welcome! I am one of the 7th grade Language Arts teachers at BJHS. I've been here since 2005. I have also taught middle school students in central Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson. I serve on Bogle's Data Team, which focuses on educating staff and students on deliberate practice instruction. In my free time, I'm at the gym, hiking, mountain biking, reading mystery books, working on dollhouse miniatures or even going to rock concerts.(been to over 100!)My husband and I have four grown children.

My Education and Professional Background

BA Lakeland College-Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Magna Cum Laude Graduate. M Ed Arizona State University-Tempe, Arizona.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that each of my students has the opportunity to receive a superior education. I want every student to feel as though this an exciting, stimulating, and safe place to learn. It is important they feel valued in this learning community. Their participation in the education process is critical, and they matter! I cannot be the only advocate for the students, rather parents play the most critical role through their support of their students to find success. The family's role ranges from deliberately providing the opportunity for their child to study, encouraging them to be involved positively in school, as well as being a visible support of the teachers' efforts to guide their child to successful. Learning should be that of discovery for the learner! My classroom is their classroom, their setting to practice, evaluate, and revise the knowledge they acquire. My ultimate goal for your student is for them to always be learners!

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